What Happens Here

Coffee BuildS your base.

01Beautiful Place

Joın us in our cozy, new coffee shop in downtown New Haven. Warm up, start your day, or relax with our fresh, delicious coffee.

02Feel the Coffee

Grab your book! Have a seat and let time fly with your coffee. Just feel the mystery taste!

03Full Taste

Take out or have a seat! Whatever you want, we are here for serving you.

Joın Us


We are looking for baristas  to work with us! Send us an e-mail and your resume then join our great family !


We use Lavezza's speacial coffee maker.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee makes us indispensable

Coffee Cups

Feel our hot glass that warms you up.

Espresso Machine

Take a shot of coffee. Let it makes you awake!

What Happens Here

Favourite Coffee flavours.

What Happens Here

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